Water is life. In addition, probably the most versatile element and there are remarkable facts about it. If you would like to read an article about the hydrogen stone, click here .

Clean water, is not self-evident. We have collected some information about water for you; to show you the importance of our water supply.

Water and human beeing

At birth, the human body is 75% water. As we get older, the percentage of water content in the human body decreases, but even in adults, the proportion of H2O in the body is still around 60-70% . That’s a good thing, because water is necessary for a variety of body functions.

The human rain alone is 85-90% water. Our blood has a water content of 85-95%, lung and liver about 76-86% and in the kidneys it is about 80% water content.

Muscles tissue is full of water, especially in our hearts it is 73-77% H2O. Bones (22%) and teeth (10%) can not do without water. Water covers the earth about 70%. That’s why we say: water is life

Water is the only chemical compound available in all states of matter: liquid (classic water), solid (frozen ice) and gaseous (steam). The fourth phase of water is called “electroactivated water” in science.

Apart from life, water is also the number one solvent. It even dissolves more substances than sulfuric acid.

2/3 our earth is covered by water. We also do not call the earth the otherwise blue planet or the water planet. Seawater is so salty that you can not drink it. Only about 3% of the world’s water is freshwater and thus usable for humans. About 2.6% of the water on our planet is bound as ice and snow.

Clean water is not a matter of course

About 1.8 billion people do not have clean water. Every hour, 200 children die every hour due to contaminated water. Cause of almost 80% of all diseases in developing countries have causes in the water issue.

water is life

The regional distribution of water consumption could not be more ambivalent

Per capita consumption per day of water in Germany is 130 lite. The US leads the list with about 260l per day. In Africa (south of the Sahara) is the consumption per household !!! at about 8-18 liters of water.

The lion’s share of our water consumption lies in the production of food and industrial goods. This proportion is also called “virtual water consumption” and is about 4,000 liters of water per person per day.

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