Hydrogen from a mineralization stone

Health has no price. Thus, the hydrogenstone is unbeatable compared to a thousands of euros expensive water ionizer. That’s why in the H2 shop we’ve set ourselves the task introducing the H2 stone to the public. Anyone familiar with the topic of molecular hydrogen, aka H2, knows how expensive this topic can be. Hydrogen water is no longer an issue for the big purse. Find out how you can save a lot of money with this small but powerful stone. Marvel at how easy it can be to make H2 without much effort.

The hydrogenstone

molekularer Wasserstoff mit dem H2 Stein oder Wasserstoffstein
Wasserstoffstein – basisches Wasser – reich an Wasserstoff

The H2 Stone is a sintered mineral that reacts with the contained magnesium in the water and performs one of the functions of a water ionizer or water ionizer completely without electricity.

The water is enriched with molecular hydrogen by chemical reaction. One knows the small pills, with which hydrogen water can be manufactured. The H2 stone is the big brother, which is half as expensive as the H2 tablets from well-known manufacturers. The H2 stone is placed in the water tank and water is poured to it. And off you go. The stone starts its activity by itself. After a few seconds you can see H2 production. Small bubbles can be seen rising.

Be sure to observe – risk of explosion

Of course nothing explodes here. It is worth mentioning that you should never put the H2-Stone in a closed container with water. Although it produces only small bubbles, but after a few hours you have the bottle under so much pressure that could explode a pet bottle. Surprisingly, pressure can rise to 10bar.

Note the hydrogenstone

One should know that a PET bottle can withstand pressures up to 8 bar. Although pressure is one of the parameters to consider when concentrating molecular hydrogen in water, your safety is more important to us than the maximum yield from the H2 rock. We will show you a video showing the overpressure of the stone at times. Although you can produce several (more than 3ppm) ppm hydrogen water, but without pressure far more values, as in a Wasserionisierer reachable. Therefore, we not only recommend, but advise you to put the stone only in an open carafe. If you want to experiment at your own risk and want to achieve the H2 values ​​yourself, this exceeds our sphere of influence and we therefore assume no liability.

What can the H2 stone do?

In principle, the hydrogenstone differs, for simplicity’s sake we call it H2-stone, from a water ionizer only in that the stone does not filter the water. The function of the electrolysis is replaced by the minerals in contact with the water. H2 in drinking water is called hydrogen water and it is no longer a task of expensive equipment. It can also be done with a cheap stone.

The reaction of mineral with water produces H2, molecular hydrogen. With the production of H2, the water also adopts a basic environment. Due to the basic environment, the ORP falls into negative territory. The water tastes better and gets therapeutic effect.

How do you use the hydrogenstone?

It’s so easy to use the H2 stone. You simply place it in your drinking glass or in the carafe that you provide for your drinking water and fill the container with water. Then let the stone do its job. Wait a minute and you can check H2 value with modern measuring methods. Also, the ORP value changes. With PH test drops, you immediately see a color change in the blue area, indicating a basic environment. The pH increases and so does the concentration of hydrogen in the water.

Hydrogen (basic) – oxygen (acidic)

It’s the milieu that matters. Just as oxygen evades electrons in its reaction with its environment, so in hydrogen it is exactly the opposite. Hydrogen water is thus a sea of ​​electrons and donates them to the body. En baischer body is more efficient than an overpriced body. But more about it elsewhere. The basic nutrition is a completely separate topic that we will deepen.

Hydrogen and health

Hydrogen is not just a fuel for rocket engines. Molecular hydrogen with the H2 stone is also the fuel for our cells. Carbohydrates are carbon and oxygen transporters that deliver the hydrogen molecule into the cell. After delivery, they bind an oxygen atom and are exhaled as CO2. It’s just the small H (hydrogen) from the COH chains (carbohydrates) that really gets into the mytochondria. Whether you take the hydrogen by ingesting food or by drinking hydrogen water is up to you. However, the variant with drinking – Zero Callories but Full Power – Eighth !!! Drinking excessive water does not replace a meal.

When one starves, the body, according to modern science, forms molecular hydrogen. This acts as a signal molecule. Read on here.

Also, molecular hydrogen acts as an antioxidant. And as the strongest in nature. It binds oxygen and produces as end product water, which is harmless for us.

Test without risk

After acquiring the H2 Stone, you have a 14-day trial period of 14 days. On request, we extend the test phase, so you really know whether the stone will meet their needs. For example, does not he have enough power? Is not enough molecular hydrogen produced for you? Then you use 2 of the stones. Still cheaper than the filter of a water ionizer.

You can order the H2 stone here. If you write us a small review, you will receive a discount code for your next purchase. Which you then like to be able to pass on to your loved ones.

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